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1/8 Vandal M4 Front/Rear Off-Road Buggy tyres (2)

1/8 Vandal M4 Front/Rear Off-Road Buggy tyres (2)

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This is a pair of Vandal 1/8 Buggy tyres. Introducing the Vandal 1/8 Buggy race tire, an evolution of our legendary Hole Shot tire engineered for hard-packed, dusty, blown-out track conditions.
Vandal development started with Pro-Line's latest generation carcass profile that utilizes a single arc to create the sidewall geometry, then transitions from the sidewall to the crown with a larger radius resulting in a rounder and less edgy appearance. This carcass provides a tailored fit to the wheel and insert package, making mounting a breeze. Focusing on grip, the Vandal's center tread density is optimized for longevity in longer runs while the addition of micro-pins at the outer edges reduces edginess in the bumps. Competitors can expect the Pro-Line Vandal tyres to deliver improved consistency, drivability, and durability.
The Vandal is available in our four popular tread compounds (
M3 & M4
for watered tracks,
S3 & S4
long wear for more abrasive dry tracks) and includes our latest generation closed cell foam insert.
Lab Certified Select Compounds
Maximum Compound Grip on Low Bite Surfaces
Compliant Carcass Produces Traction with Controlled Expansion
Medium Wear on Wet Surfaces
Use the More Firm Material for Higher Temps and Softer Material for Lower Temps
Latest and Greatest Ultra Long Lasting Compound
Substantial Leap Forward in Terms of Grip in Dry and Slick Conditions
Stays Stable Throughout Long Main Events and Does not Fade or Get Soft Near the End of a Race
Lab Tested Batches Guarantee Performance
Use the More Firm Material for Higher Temps and Softer Material for Lower Temps
Please note: All tyres & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted
PRO907503 | Vandal M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road 1/8 Buggy tyres (2) for Front or Rear
Latest Generation Carcass for Improved Wheel & Insert Fitment
Engineered for Better Bump Handling and Consistent Steering
Micro-pins at the Outer Edges Reduces Edginess
Longer Lasting Tread Pattern
Made in the USA
1/8 Buggy Wheels Front or Rear

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