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1/10 Hexon Z3 Rear 2.2" Carpet Buggy tyres (2)

1/10 Hexon Z3 Rear 2.2" Carpet Buggy tyres (2)

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Introducing the all-new Pro-Line Hexon Carpet Buggy Rear race tire! The Hexon features a hexagon pattern of uniquely shaped pins that provide longer-lasting tread and more consistent performance than previous generation carpet tyres. Just like the Prism 2.0, the Hexon features a low profile tire carcass shape that lowers your car's center of gravity for improved corner speed. The Hexon pins are positioned with the flat edge pointed front to back for maximum forward grip and are narrow when viewed from the side to reduce traction rolling. This new tire also features a directional side tread so you can tune the performance of your tyres to the current track conditions. You can choose to mount the standard pins on the outside for a more aggressive grip, or mount the vertical side pins to the outside for a more forgiving grip. The Hexon tire is another leap forward in the hot carpet racing scene; be the first with the fastest carpet tire yet - Pro-Line's new Hexon!
Directional Side Tread - Choose Between More or Less Aggressive
Longer Lasting Tread Combined with More Consistent Performance
Low Profile Tire Shape for Faster Lap Times
Combine with Pro-Line's Front Carpet tyres for an Unbeatable Combination

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