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1/24 Big Bore Scaler Shocks (4): SCX24

1/24 Big Bore Scaler Shocks (4): SCX24

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This a set of Big Bore Scaler Shocks, designed specifically for the Axial SCX24 .
Take your SCX24 to the next level of performance in Pro-Line Style! Just like our best-selling 1/10 version, these miniature Big Bore Scaler Shocks feature CNC machined Aluminum Shock Caps, Threaded Bodies, Bottom Caps, and Polished Steel Shock Shafts for added style and durability over the stock shocks. The large 5mm bore shock bodies allow the shocks to function as true performance Big Bore Shocks due to the larger oil volume. A double O-ring seal on the main shaft eliminates leaks and provides a smooth, low-friction shock action.
The Big Bore Shocks come pre-assembled in a set of 4 with all mounting hardware included. All you need to do is unscrew the top cap and add 5-6 drops of silicone shock oil (20wt recommended) to fill the shock body. Replace the cap and compress the shock 3-4 times to fully lubricate the shock shaft. Now you're ready to start your next small-scale adventure!
Two sets of springs are included in the Big Bore Scaler Shock set. The shocks come pre-assembled with a standard spring rate perfect for those stock or close-to-stock rigs. The optional stiffer springs (marked with red paint) are ideal for rigs with heavier ABS/hard bodies, such as the Axial SCX24 Bronco (AXI00006T1). Don't miss out on the coolest looking and best performing SCX24 shocks on the Planet, Get your own Pro-Line Big Bore Scaler Shocks today!
PRO638700 | Big Bore Scaler Shocks (4) for SCX24
Ultimate Performance SCX24 Shocks
CNC Machined Aluminum Shock Caps, Bodies, and Bottom Caps
True Big Bore Holds More Oil for Better Performance
Pre-Assembled, Just Add Oil! (20wt Oil Recommended)
Leak-free Double O-Ring Seal
Polished Steel Shock Shaft
Optional Stiff Springs Included, Ideal for Heavier Bodies
Extended Length:
34mm (eye-to-eye)
Collapsed Length:
26mm (eye-to-eye)
Spring Length:

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