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1/10 PowerStroke Rear Shocks: Short Course

1/10 PowerStroke Rear Shocks: Short Course

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Fits stock Slash , ProTrac Suspension Kit for Slash , Slash 4X4
Fits SC10 and Ultima SC with PRO606305 Universal Adapters
Pair with the PRO606300 PowerStroke Front Shocks
True dual-stage spring rate
Tune your spring rates with this PRO606304 Rear Spring Assortment
Aluminum body and shock cap
Infinite spring pre-load adjustment
Rebuild your shocks with the PRO606302 Rebuild Kit
Beefy 3.5mm shock shafts
Injection molded, super durable spring retainer and shock ends
Bladder sealed shock cap
Free flow molded pistons
Dual O-ring seats and upper and lower shock shaft guides
Pre-assembled just add oil!
Enhance the overall performance of your stock Slash and Slash 4X4, ProTrac Suspension Kit Slash or SC10 with PowerStroke Shocks. Pair with the Front shock kit (PRO606300) for an unbeatable combination. Aluminum shock body and cap and beefy 3.5mm shafts make this Powerstroke Shock kit one of the most important SC upgrades available on the market. If you are going to select one performance upgrade for your Short Course truck we recommend the Pro-Line PowerStroke SC Shocks!
Combine with the PowerStroke SC Universal Hardware Kit (PRO606305) to fit the
AE SC10, AE SC10 4x4 (with modifications), HPI Blitz, Losi XXX-SCT/SCB (with modification), Losi SCTE , Axial EXO Terra Buggy, Ultima SC, Yeti and many others!
With the optional Front (PRO606303) and Rear (PRO606304) Spring Assortments you can also take your
PowerStroke shocks to the next level by tuning them to match your needs.
Time to rebuild? Well Pro-Line has you covered with the rebuilt kit (PRO606302) that includes all necessary items needed to rebuild 2 shocks.
Whether you are looking for the best set up for your local track or bashing around your back yard, these Pro-Line
PowerStroke Short Course Shocks will assure you have the best performance and a great time!
Slash , Rustler , Bandit are registered trademarks of Traxxas L.P.
©2021 Pro-Line Racing. Yeti , Axial , Losi , SCTE are trademarks or registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby , LLC. All other trademarks, service marks and logos are property of their respective owners.
Check out the Videos:
Direct Fit
Slash 2wd
Slash 4x4
Fits using Universal Mounting Kit
# PRO606305
Rustler 4x4
Yeti (Front)
SC10 4x4 (with modifications)
EXO Terra Buggy
Ultima SC
Bandit Rear *Mount to A-arm inner-most location
And many others

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