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1/10 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Clear Body 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase

1/10 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Clear Body 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase

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Introducing the 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Dually Clear Body for 12.3" crawlers! Now you have a crawler body specifically made for dually rear wheels like Pro-Line's Carbine wheels (PRO278600). The GMC Sierra 1 ton dually is an iconic truck for pulling trailers, campers, or anything you can imagine and now you can recreate your dream rig on your 12.3" crawler. This body is fully licensed by GMC and has all the details you expect including the extra-wide rear fenders to fit dually rear tires. This body comes clear and includes detailed decals, window masks, and overspray film so you can fully customize the look of your truck. Get your own 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Dually Body today!
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This is sold as a clear and unpainted body. Image of the painted body is only to display details. No vehicle chassis is included with this product.
PRO359000 | 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Clear Body for 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase Scale Crawlers with PRO278600 Carbine Dually Wheel
Fully Licensed 1973 GMC Sierra 3500 Dually Clear Body
Transform your 12.3" Crawler into your Dream Pulling Rig
Perfect to use with Pro-Line's Dually Carbine Wheels in the Rear (PRO278600)
Paint-then-peel Overspray Film Built-in
Made with Crystal Clear Polycarbonate
Made in the USA, since 1982
Four Steps to Crawl Ready
Clean Body and apply included window mask
Paint then peel the over-spray film off
Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
Mount your new body onto your Truck
SCX10 II & III (AXID9066 / AXI03014 / AXID9047 / AXID9059
Element Enduro (ASC40105 / ASC40105C / ASC40104 / ASC40104C)
Other 12.3" Wheelbase Crawlers
20" (508mm)
Width at Front:
7.75" (196mm)
Width at Rear:
9.78" (248mm)
5.5" (139mm)
12.3" (313mm)
General Motors trademarks used under license to Pro-Line.

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