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1/10 Cliffhanger HP Stone Gray Body 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase

1/10 Cliffhanger HP Stone Gray Body 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase

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The Pro-Line Cliffhanger crawler body has become the go-to standard for any rock crawler serious about competition or high-performance crawling. Now, you can get on the trails faster than ever with the Stone Gray Tough-Color edition of the Cliffhanger! Tough-Color polycarbonate is made from gray material, giving you a faster way to get to your local crawling spot with no paint needed! Included are stylish red & black factory livery graphics and realistic window stickers.
The Cliffhanger High-Performance Rock Crawling competition body is developed specifically for 12.3" wheelbase Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles. Scale competition crawling is a growing part of the overall rock crawling movement and Pro-Line's Cliffhanger body provides everything that these competitors have been asking for. The Cliffhanger features a pinched front end and a dove-tailed rear end for maximum tire clearance while still maintaining a true-to-scale appearance. The Cliffhanger is made from a single piece of polycarbonate to save on weight and has a molded-in drop-down bed to make room for you to add your favorite scale accessories. Everything on the Cliffhanger body has been optimized for maximum crawling performance while still complying with the letter and spirit of the competition crawling rules. Don't get stuck behind on the rocks, get your very own Cliffhanger Tough-Color body today!
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This is sold as a gray and unpainted body. No vehicle chassis is included with this product.
PRO356614 | Cliffhanger High Performance Tough Color (Stone Gray) Body for 12.3" (313mm) Wheelbase Scale Crawlers
Designed Specifically for 12.3" Wheelbase Class 2 and Class 3 Comp Crawlers
Pinched Front End and Dove-tailed Rear End for Max Tire Clearance
Maintains True-to-Scale Appearance
Made from a Single Piece of Polycarbonate
Maximum Crawler Performance that Adheres to Competition Rules
Detailed Decals Included
Made with Tough-Color Stone Gray Polycarbonate
Made in the USA, since 1982
Three Steps to Crawl Ready
Remove the protective outer film
Sticker your body (decal sheet included)
Mount your new body onto your Rig
Element Enduro
Other 12.3" Wheelbase Crawlers
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Width at Doors:
7.0" (178mm)
Width at Fenders:
6.5" (165mm)
4.8" (122mm)
12.3" (313mm)

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