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1/8 Vector S3 Front/Rear 35/85 2.4" Belted Mounted tyres, 14

1/8 Vector S3 Front/Rear 35/85 2.4" Belted Mounted tyres, 14

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This is a pair of Vector 35/85 2.4" S3 (Soft) Street BELTED tyres. Transform the handling performance of your ARRMA 3S Street Bash vehicle with Pro-Line's Vector 35/85 Belted Street tyres! We took inspiration from full-size high-performance competition track tyres to give your Vendetta or Infraction 570 MEGA the ultimate tire for scale looks, street performance, and long-lasting wear.
A High-Performance herringbone weave pattern Belt reinforces the inside of the Vector for high-speed runs with zero tire expansion, while our S3 compound provides long-lasting tire wear. They come pre-mounted on gray split-spoke ARRMA wheels so you don't have to worry about gluing your tyres or waiting for them to dry. Get maximum grip and stability so you can be faster than your buddies with Pro-Line's Vector BELTED Street tyres!
* Please note these tyres have a maximum speed rating that, if exceeded, could result in permanently damaging the internal belt. For the Vector 35/85 tyres that means 80 mph or about 8000 RPM.
Over revving your tyres could result in breaking the internal belt, which will NOT be covered under warranty.
This can be caused by "diffing out" your tyres or holding the throttle open while one, two, or three of your tyres are stopped, which substantially increases the RPM sent to the free-spinning tire or tyres. *
PRO1020410 | Vector 35/85 2.4" S3 (Soft) Street BELTED tyres Mounted on Gray 14mm Wheels (2) for Vendetta & Infraction 570 MEGA Front or Rear
Please note: All tyres & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted.
Made from Pro-Line's Long-Wear S3 Rubber Compound
Inspired by High-Performance Track tyres
The Ultimate Tire for Scale Looks
Maximum Street and Speed-Run Performance
Belt Reinforcement for Zero Tire Expansion
Pre-Mounted for Your Convenience
ARRMA Vendetta Front or Rear (ARA4319V3T1, ARA4319V3T2)
ARRMA Infraction 570 MEGA Front or Rear (ARA4215V3T1, ARA4215V3T2)
3.35" (85mm)
1.38" (35mm)

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