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1/10 Trencher T Front/Rear 2.2" All Terrain Stadium Truck Ti

1/10 Trencher T Front/Rear 2.2" All Terrain Stadium Truck Ti

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This is a pair of Trencher 2.2" T Truck Tires. Pro-Line is excited to announce the Trencher T 2.2" designed to fit any 2.2" Truck wheel. A large segment of the hobby still uses 2.2" size wheels but Pro-Line has not released a bashing tire for 2.2" in many years. Now, Pro-Line has unleashed the most popular bashing tread for 2.2" – the Trencher! Whether it is loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, street or gravel, the Trencher 2.2" the tire is up to the task. If you only buy one tire for your 2.2" Truck, this is the one to buy!
The Trencher tread was designed to have ultimate traction combined with long-lasting durability. Each tire lug is shaped to dig into whatever surface you are running on and is ultra-thick so that it is extremely durable. The popular Trencher tread pattern can also be found on Short Course, 2.8" Monster Truck, 3.8" Monster Truck and the Baja 5T. Join the countless number of people who share the same love of Trencher tires and get yours today!
Please note: All tires & wheels are sold in pairs, unless otherwise noted
PRO1012100 | Trencher T 2.2" All Terrain Truck Tires (2) for Front or Rear
Horizontal H shaped tread for ridiculous amounts of traction and side-to-side stability
Over-sized tall tread is second-to-none in durability
Ultra Long Lasting
Official Pro-Line logo and Trencher name embossed on sidewall of tire
Made in the USA, since 1982
2.2" Stadium Truck Front or Rear Wheels

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