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Grave Digger 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck RTR

Grave Digger 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck RTR

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Product Details
Completely designed from the ground up, the Losi LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck is the first of its kind on the market combining all-out performance with incredible scale detail.
Key Features
Solid Axle Monster Truck
Monster Jam Licensed MT Bodies
Brushless Power System
1/8th Scale Diffs
Smart Technology Included
In The Box
(1) LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck RTR
(1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
2-3S LiPo Battery with IC5/EC5 Connector
(4) AA Batteries for transmitter
LiPo Compatible Charger
Completely designed from the ground up, the Losi

LMT 4WD Solid Axle Monster Truck is the first of its kind on the market combining all-out performance with incredible scale detail. Starting with the chassis, a twin vertical plate is designed to provide all of the performance adjustments needed to tune the truck for any situation. Whether you are a scale driver, a basher or a racer, the chassis is designed to accommodate multiple shock setups keeping you tracking straight, no matter the terrain. New multi-piece axle housings surround the 1/8th scale drivetrain. Additionally, the easy access center transmission comes stock with a center differential and allows for quick changes with the optional spool for that wheel standing action. For the true Monster truck experience, the axles also allow for optional 4-wheel steering and a new adjustable servo saver to keep the wheels pointed in the right direction. The Spektrum


Smart 130 Amp ESC and 3150kv 4-pole Brushless motor allow you to unlock blazing speeds. Drivers stay in control with a DX3

transmitter and a Spektrum SR315 DSMR

3-Channel Sport Receiver. A composite flip top cage adds scale realism and protection, as well as functionality so you can easily access your battery and electronics. Of course, the scale detail doesn't stop there with headers, drivers and LED lights and we've teamed up with Monster Jam for your choice of a Grave Digger or Son-Uva Digger body. The LMT Monster Truck has just thrown down the gauntlet on solid axle monster trucks.
Solid Axle Monster Truck
Monster Jam Licensed MT
Twin Vertical Plate Chassis
Brushless Power System
Composite Flip Top Cage
Smart Technology included
Multi Piece Scale Axle Housing
Long Travel Coil Over Shocks
Center Differential with Cush Drive
1/8th Scale Diffs
Short Course Style Wheel with replaceable center hub
Scale Monster Truck Tyre
Adjustable Servo Saver
Scale Details
Driver Insert
Moulded grill on the Son-Uva Digger body (Son-Uva Digger only)
Preset motor plate produces easy, precise gear mesh
Elastomer battery mounting for a versatile battery hold down system
Solid Axle Monster Truck
Feel like you are behind the wheel of a real Monster Jam Monster Truck. Losi performance combined with scale realism to produce the ultimate Solid Axle RC Monster Truck. This is a REAL Monster Truck!
Monster Jam Licensed Monster Truck
Grave Digger and Son-Uva Digger bodies are officially licensed by Monster Jam and Feld Motorsports, these bodies don't get any more official.
Twin Vertical Plate Chassis
The twin vertical plate chassis not only provides extreme strength and durability, it also allows for multiple suspension configurations so you can dial your truck into any situation.
Preset Motor Spacing
No more trying to find the perfect gear mesh. The LMT comes with a preset motor plate that will ensure the perfect mesh every time.
Composite Flip Top Cage
Provides scale detail as well as easy access to the batteries and electronics.
2 Position Wheelie Bar
The included wheelie bar utilises a large roller supported by ball bearings on each side for smooth wheelie action. The bar can be placed in one of two fixed positions for the optimal wheelie angle.
Multi Piece Scale Axle Housing
Multi Piece Axle design provides the scale look, as well as provide easy access for gear changes and maintenance. These axle housing surrounds the 1/8th scale differentials that provide extreme durability.
Long Travel Coil Over Shocks
Long Travel Coil Over shocks with rubber bump stops to provide superior dampening. These shocks and springs have been tuned to mount directly to the axle housings. So not only do they perform at the highest level, they have a very scale look.
Center Differential with Cush Drive
Fluid filled center differential allows for performance tuning with the added protection of our torque dampening Cush Drive. The Cush Drive is a rubber elastomer system that absorbs the high impact forces from the motor and big landings to minimize the shock on the drivetrain, providing a very durable and reliable drivetrain.
Optional Center Differential Spool
We offer an optional center differential spool for that full time wild 4wd freestyle action. The center transmission has an easy access center plate that allows for quick access to the diff or spool so you can make quick changes to best suit your driving needs. *Shown with ring gear
1/8th Scale Diffs
Fluid filled differentials allow multiple tuning options for optimal performance on any surface. The stock diff oils are 100k in the Front and Rear, with 500k in the center. The center differential allows you to tune the power bleed from front to rear for optimal performance in any condition.
Short Course Style Wheel with Replaceable Center Hub
Short course style wheels with 17mm wheel hex reduce the rotating mass of the tyre while providing additional clearance for all of the steering components. The replaceable center hub in the wheel will allow for optional offsets, as well as increased durability. There is an optional 12mm center hub so you can run these tyres on multiple trucks.
Optional 12mm Aluminum Wheel Hex
We offer an optional 12mm aluminium wheel hex for the LMT so you can use aftermarket wheels and tyres from such popular brands as Pro-Line Racing.
Scale Monster Truck Tyre
Modeled after the real-life Monster Jam truck tyres
Adjustable Servo Saver
An adjustable servo mounted servo saver allows you to adjust the tension on the servo saver for maximum steering and protection to the servo.
Scale Details
Scale details like exhaust headers and LED headlights help to complete the scale look so you can feel like you are driving the real thing.
Driver Insert
Scale detail to finish off the true monster truck look, with the driver sitting in the center of the truck! The driver is also fully protected by his Monster Jam inspired safety seat.
Elastomer Battery Mounting
The LMT comes equipped with Losi's Elastomer Battery Mounting system for a versatile battery hold down system.
Smart Battery Voltage Indicator
The Smart Battery voltage indicator drivers can easily find out the charge of their Smart battery with a quick glance and once the battery level gets low, an alarm will sound. (Smart ESC, Smart Battery and Smart compatible receiver required)


3150Kv 4-pole Brushless Motor
The Spektrum Firma 3150Kv 4-pole Smart brushless power system will run on 2-3s LiPo power, providing wheel standing horsepower and capable of speeds over 35mph (on 3S)
Spektrum Smart Firma 130A ESC
The Spektrum Firma 130A Smart ESC is waterproof, completely programmable and comes pre-wired with a high-current IC5

connector. The ESC will also work with most sensorless brushless motors and is 2S-3S LiPo compatible.
Spektrum SR315 Receiver
Built around frequency-agile DSMR technology, the SR315 receiver delivers superb range and response, especially in noisy RF environments where a solid 2.4GHz link is crucial.
Spektrum DX3

Radio System
The Spektrum DX3 radio system offers advanced features like AVC

technology, a 3-position throttle limiting switch, and travel adjust.

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